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Learning Philosophy

As we can see, the realities of the 21st century are very different from the past. With change happening at an unprecedented rate and our ability to predict the needs of future becoming limited, the question of what ‘true education' means becomes more relevant than ever. In our attempt to understand what it might be, one thing is clear enough now - the needs of humans can't be met through the traditional didactic education system that exists - a system that prepares people for routine cognitive jobs which are fast being taken over rapidly by simple computational machines.


The focus of our education for the future needs to shift from a mere accumulation and regurgitation of knowledge, to developing skills for lifelong learning, and doing so without losing sight of one's emotional and spiritual growth. The intellectual and vocational along with the cultural, liberal aspects of education needs to come together to create the whole. Together, these will help nurture in our children, the courage, the vision and the strength, if they are to add anything of value to their own lives as well as to society.


Learning needs to transform into an active process where learners learn to discover principles, concepts and facts for themselves The art of observation, questioning, enquiry, collaboration, dialogue and reflection together need to form the bedrock of the entire learning process. This needs to be complimented with a sense of slowing and quietening down, which seems essential to create ground for feeling deeply - for it is only when the heart, mind and body and heart are integrated ,that any real learning can take place. If our children are to meet the future with intelligence, they will need to be confident and capable enough to cope with life's challenges and to be curious and creative enough to identify and pursue their own interests. They will need to know  their inner selves, as well as need to develop a sense of deep compassion, empathy and service, following the universal human values of truth, beauty and love, in order to make the world we live in a better place for all.