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The School provides transportation facilities to students for selected areas/sectors across Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida, we do not provide transportation for Ghaziabad. We operate across 46 routes with a fleet of Outsourced and School buses. The route planning is done for Main Arterial roads and buses do not go into narrow colony roads. The buses have limited stops to ensure timely arrival at school and reducing the travel time taken by students.


The deployed buses are Airconditioned with all safety norms i.e. CCTV, GPS, Fire Extinguishers, emergency exit and experienced staff. Each bus has staff that includes Driver, Helper, Security Guard, Ayah and a School Teacher till the last Stop.


The school has formed a Bus Committee which consist of Parents, Teachers and Administrative Staff to ensure important concerns are addressed collectively.


Wherever a teacher is unavailable the Parents School Association come together to create a Parent Bus Volunteer Program, thereby ensuring that there is always an adult on our buses. The Parents also come together and support the school for Friday Bus Duty where Parents do the bus duty as teachers have to stay back in the afternoon for Academic Planning.


Over 1465 SBS students use our buses daily for travelling to school. The school has been designed with an internal periphery road where buses are parked and students board and alight from the buses inside the school campus.


For all transport related enquiries please contact Transport Help Desk.
Phone : 0120-5087354, 8527622448
Email : transport@sbs-school.org