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Menu for Primary (2022 - 2023)
Lunch Pic
Cheese/jam sandwich Idli with chutney Menu of child’s choice Parantha (stuffed or with subzi/dal) Cutlet with bread/Veg burger
Parantha (stuffed or with subzi/dal) Poori with aloo/veg Sandwich + sprout salad with nuts Besan/sooji Chilla/pancakes Menu of child’s choice
Menu of child’s choice Cutlet with bread / Veg burger Kathi
Roll with veggies/paneer
Vegetable sandwich Cheese/Jam/veg sandwich, preferably grilled
Pasta/noodles/Pulao, with vegetables Menu of child’s choice Pulao/noodles Idli with chutney Kathi
Roll with veggies/paneer
Besan/sooji Chilla/pancakes Vermicelli
Jam/veg sandwich
Menu of child’s choice Pasta/ Noodles/ vermicelli
  1. Please send a fresh fruit/cut salad every day as the second snack.
  2. You can add a drink like buttermilk, nimbu paani.
  3. Send only as much food as age appropriate for 1 meal.
  4. Send food in a lunch box that is easy to handle for a child.
  5. Please do not send sweet/sugary things in the lunch box.
  6. Do send a clean cloth mat and napkin every day with your child.
Lunch Pic