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Counselling Facilities


Children with special needs and their families go through a wide range of varying social, behavioural and emotional challenges. The Counselling Dept. provides the necessary support to help them through these difficult periods. This department is also involved in organizing and conducting workshops and awareness programmes for students, parents and staff of the entire school.


Parent School Association (PSA)
Details of this are available on the school’s website. The role of the parent who is the SEN PSA representative is to liaise between the school and the parents and communicate issues shared to her /him by individuals or groups of parents.


Hierarchy for Parent-school communication: Raising a concern
All teachers have the skills and authority to deal with issues happening in the classroom. Therefore, in case parents have any concerns regarding their child, the first point of contact is the Class Teacher. In case the concern has not been resolved at that level, then the Coordinator will be the next person who should be approached. The Head of the Department will intervene if required. It is important for parents to follow this hierarchy.


Parents will not be met in a group. The needs /concerns of parents will be discussed and addressed in individual meetings with them. Issues that are common to a group of parents can be shared with the PSA Rep. who will take it forward with the school authorities.


Parent-school communication
All communication between home and school should be through the school diary. Messages to teachers on WhatsApp and other social media will not be entertained. In case of an urgent requirement, parents can also call /SMS teachers on their phones, but only during the specific time period given to them by the concerned teacher.