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Special Education Needs


The school is specially committed to children with special needs in recognition of the right of every child to a school life, which is more than about just academic achievement. It gives children their friends, develops their social and communication skills, hones their abilities of interaction, and nurtures their self-esteem and self -worth. It enables students to participate in the life and work of mainstream institutions to the best of their abilities, whatever their special needs may be.


We look forward to including children with mild to moderate learning disabilities with or without associated /other difficulties. We are committed to providing a curriculum that is meaningful and purposeful and which will lead to their integration into society and the mainstream workforce.


The School is inclusive from inception. The building is fully accessible to anyone who may be using a wheelchair. There are wheelchair accessible toilets on every floor and ramps and lifts available for anyone for whom mobility may be difficult. Appropriate accommodations have been made in the classrooms, libraries and laboratories to ensure equal participation of every student.


The SEN Department assists students access the regular curriculum in separate settings with the aim to integrate them as far as possible. Students are supported through remediation or reinforcement classes, modification and adaptation of a regular curriculum and through partial integration leading to full integration wherever possible. Further accommodations such as extra time and allotment of scribes are incorporated wherever necessary, keeping in mind the rules of the examining board.


The multi-disciplinary team of Special Educators, Speech & Language Pathologists, Occupational/ Physiotherapists and Counselors/ Family Therapists works closely with the mainstream teaching faculty. It also draws on the experience of visiting professionals such as Child Psychologists & Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.


Special attention is given to the children in the area of Physical Education, Drama, Art & Craft, Computers and Performing Arts. Emphasis is also in the areas of Language & Communication Skills, Social Skills, Life Skills and IT.


Recognising the fact that all children have different strengths and abilities, we aim to provide a diverse and dynamic curriculum to help each child achieve his /her potential.


We encourage and place great value in collaborating with parents for the progress and success of our children and believe that the school is enriched by their participation in all activities.