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The school recognises the right of every child to school life, and it is committed to children with special needs. Children make friends at school, develop their social and communication skills. The school nurtures their self-esteem and self-worth. The special needs team works closely with the mainstream teaching faculty, special educators, speech and language pathologists, occupational/physiotherapists and counsellors. 


We recognise that children have different strengths, and we look forward to providing a diverse curriculum accessible to children with mild to moderate learning disabilities (with or without associated / other difficulties). We offer students the open schooling system and pre-vocational / vocational training options at the school-leaving stage.


The school building is fully accessible to anyone who may be using a wheelchair. There are ramps, lifts and wheelchair-accessible toilets on every floor. Appropriate accommodations have been made in the classrooms, libraries and laboratories to ensure equal participation of every pupil.


Special attention is given to children in the areas of physical education, drama, arts and crafts, performing arts, life skills and IT.



  • Ms. Ranjani Datta

  • Ms. Srubabati Chatterjee

  • Ms. Gowri Rao


Ms. Anita Prasad
Head - SEN