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SBS Primary School is a vibrant learning community. Its approach to early education reflects a kinship with Dewey, Gardner, Piaget and Bruner, among others. It is a world in which children work and play in communities respecting each other’s divergent points of view. Loving and nurturing teachers guide children through primary school.


Daily activities include building structural art objects that require thinking skills and the use of linguistic and mathematical processes. The curriculum is characterised by many features based on contemporary research on young children. It includes real-life problem solving among peers with many opportunities for creative thinking and exploration. Children can be found very often working in cooperative groups or seen engaged in self-selected activities.


The learner-centred environment is a great facilitator. It informs and engages the viewer. Classroom interiors have aesthetic displays of project work and are interspersed with arrays of interesting objects and learning material collected by the children. There are designated spaces for group activities. The theme-based projects foster connections between school and the home, family and community and develop awareness of our regional, national and global cultural heritage.


All these aspects help to capture the imagination and delight of our young students as they grow and develop their love for learning in a school that cherishes every child as a unique individual.