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The school lays a strong emphasis on developing a holistic sense of self in each child. We provide a nurturing and caring learning environment in which children develop their social and emotional intelligence along with the competencies and life skills necessary for well-rounded growth. Pastoral care permeates all aspects of school life.

In our endeavour to build an emotionally safe environment in the school, teachers play multiple roles of being learning guides as well as mentors for children. They are responsible for creating an atmosphere of openness in the classroom that helps foster healthy relationships built on mutual respect, openness, trust, and sensitivity towards each other’s needs.


In addition, we have a team of 6 well qualified inhouse behavioural counselors who are active participants in the climate and culture of the school. They cater to students who are in need of additional emotional support or behavioural guidance and handhold transitional phases across different developmental stages in a child’s life. The counselors provide on-going prevention and intervention services which include

  • Individual or group counselling sessions

  • Building life skills

  • Collaborating with parents regarding students’ holistic development or for any other specific concern.

  • Referring students to other services and outside agencies according to their needs.

  • Facilitating parenting skills programmes

  • Organizing staff development and in-services sessions on topics of relevance