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Adhip Tanwar , Class of 2018


'What we are looking for is a person who is half-genius, half-leader, half-knowledge-sponge, half-hungry-soul. That is many halves forming a full, rounded, incredible person who aspires to be a CEO someday,' read an advertisement in The Times Of India newspaper on September 9, 2017. I applied and was selected as Executive Assistant (EA) to Vice Chairman of The Times Group. I am convinced that it was my time at Step By Step School that made me worthy of this position and it was the immense support of all my teachers that motivated me to pursue this rather unconventional career path of taking a gap period before university to work. 

As a student, I enjoyed studying the world of Economics and Finance in depth. Naturally, I pursued the Commerce stream in high school. The bountiful educational resources provided by SBS and the school’s constant focus on excellence helped me score in the top 1% of results for the CBSE Board Exams 2018. My school also propelled me to learn outside academia. As Vice President of my school's student council, I established student communication platforms and managed multiple school events. The SBS Sahyog program provided me an opportunity to work for the welfare of underprivileged communities and further inspired me to create an eLearning portal (www.englishvinglish.org) that offers free video lessons to help people attain English literacy and thereby access better employment opportunities. These experiences have provided me with a pragmatic understanding of concepts of resource allocation, coordination, and delegation.

Growing up in this intellectually stimulating environment of SBS equipped me with academic rigour and organisational skills that have been vital in my work at The Times Group. As EA, I was based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Vice Chairman - Mr Samir Jain - resides. Living and working with Mr. Jain, one of India's most successful business leaders, has been a transformative experience. This job taught me the nuances of running a large business ecosystem, driving convergence amongst key stakeholders, financial management, analysing the practical aspects of new business propositions, and adapting to dynamic market changes.

Having two years of work experience in the Silicon Valley helped me gain practical insights into the global market and made me realise the essence of a proper education. Consequently, I decided to resume my academic journey by pursuing an undergraduate education. I was able to secure admission in some of the best universities across the world, including Columbia University and University College London. However, the high cost of attendance and the economic uncertainty due to the Coronavirus crisis discouraged me from going ahead with these options. This is when Step By Step School came to my rescue again. The school's career counsellor introduced me to the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program, a prestigious scholarship offered by the University Of Sydney to Indian students, and literally pushed me to give it a shot. I applied and was able to secure their only spot for a 100% Scholarship for all 4 years of my undergraduate degree. I am excited to start my journey at University Of Sydney now and I can’t thank SBS enough for bringing me to a level where I can rub shoulders with the best in the world.




Aditya Mathur, Class of 2021


Right from childhood, I was fascinated by Japan and always wanted to study there. I am glad to finally get a chance to do so at the University of Tokyo under the PEAK program!

I have also been awarded the fully funded MEXT scholarship by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Japan. MEXT scholarships enable international students to study in the country at state expense and are a means to promote mutual understanding and educational ties between Japan and the world. I look forward to contributing to Indo-Japanese ties as a MEXT scholar and am deeply indebted to the Government of Japan for providing me with this opportunity.


I’m also grateful to the school for widening my horizons and guiding and supporting me throughout the lengthy admissions procedures. A big thank you to all my teachers without whose efforts this would not have been possible!