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Spirit of Friendship

Senior School Outreach Programme

At the core of our school philosophy lies 'seva', our commitment to social outreach and community service. Seva provides a platform to our students to interact and collaborate with the larger community thus inculcating values like sensitivity, respect, and gratitude in our students and fostering their growth as responsible, compassionate global citizens.


A self-sustaining, student led model, Seva involves the following:


Fund raising: The students plan and organize a range of initiatives including concerts, selling baked goods, used books and handicrafts to raise funds.


Development of infrastructure: Setting up libraries, creating teaching and learning aids, dairy farming, garbage disposal in the villages etc.


Imparting and developing skills: Computer literacy, functional literacy and numeracy, physical education, performing and visual arts and citizenship programmes.


Seva in Senior school encompasses Sahyog and Prayaas.


Sahyog began as our students' response to the devastating floods in Uttarakhand in June 2013. They initiated a series of measures to raise funds to support the local people. Sahyog has initiated long term intensive hands-on projects related to livelihoods, education, sanitation and health in two villages of Uttarakhand which is a transformative experience for our students rooted in experiential learning.


Click here to know more about Sahyog.


Prayaas is a collaborative project with the Centre for Learning and Teaching. It involves a holistic learning programme for the local Government schools aiming at enhancing their teaching and learning process, inculcating life skills in their students and providing them an opportunity to learn music, craft, sports and other activities which are otherwise not available to them.


Our work currently expands across 4 government schools touching the lives of 800 first generation learners of the emigrant labour community. With support from our students and parent community we aim to transform classrooms into wonderful learning spaces so that all children have the opportunities to succeed.