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Parent Engagement

At SBS we believe that our parents are partners in the educational journey of our children. We recognize the vital role that parents play in contributing to children's success and happiness at school and seek to build strong, supportive and trusting  partnerships with our parent community. Our Parent School Association is closely involved with school and its programs.

Every parent is a member of the PSA and every class is represented at the PSA Council by a representative. A core group of nominated Secretaries from Primary, Junior, Middle & Senior School work together with the School Management on several school programs. These include the School Outreach Program, Seva & Parent Workshops. A valuable Parent Volunteer Program for the SEN department supports the school through the year.


SBS believes in home-school partnership. Parents are an integral part of our school and play a supportive role. Our endeavour is to keep them closely knitted and involved in their child’s education. In the junior school, once a week, they are invited to come and meet the class teachers and understand how and what the child is doing. The teachers keep them updated with their emotional, social, intellectual and physical development. They also hold regular Progress Meetings to commend students as well as seek support from the parents in case of any issue. Parents are also kept informed about curriculum related learning activities, field trips, workshops and urgent concerns, through circulars and text messages. The school diary contains critical information and regulations with respect to functioning of the school. Once a year, parents in the Primary, spend an entire day with their children to get a first-hand experience of their school day. At the beginning of each academic year, class teachers share their personal telephone numbers with the parents for effective communication. At the end of each term, the school shares a formal documented report of each child’s progress.