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Please note that filling up this form is no guarantee of admission.
Child details

We regret to inform you that at present we have no vacancies in Special Education Needs Department. We will place your application on our waitlist and will meet with parents as and when vacancies arise.
Residence Address
Mother's Details
Father's Details
All the communication from the school is to be sent to
Communication Address and Emergency Contact details
A -: Please indicate the address to which you want the school to send communication.
B -: Please indicate the details of the person (other than the mother and the father) to be contacted in case of emergency.
Other Details
A -: Please fill in the following information if transferring from Step by Step Nursery School, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi.
If not, please fill in the details of the present school.
B -: To enable us to know you & your child better, please answer the following question.
Special Needs
The school is committed to providing support to children with Special Educational Needs. We would be obliged if you could provide relevant information to assist us.
Have there been any illness or allergies that the school needs to know about?
Is your child on any long term medication? If so please provide details.
Sibling Details
A -: Please indicate your child's sibling details in case he or she is a student of Step by Step School - Noida or Step by Step Nursery School, New Delhi.
B -: Please mention details of other siblings, if any, in chronological order.
ARE EITHER of the parents working with step by step school-noida or step by step nursery school, new delhi? if yes
Have you applied to step by step school-Noida before? if yes.
Any other information you would like to share with the school.