Spread over a sprawling 10-acre campus in Sector 132, Noida, Step By Step School boasts world-class infrastructure designed to nurture young minds – all catering to a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.


Our campus features a stunning amphitheatre, a versatile space designed to host a variety of events such as school assemblies, plays, performances, and large gatherings. Surrounded by lush greenery and equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, our amphitheater provides an immersive experience for both performers and audiences alike.

Rang Raas: The Suri Auditorium

Our Auditorium block is home to the state-of-the-art Rang Raas – The Suri auditorium, featuring 523 plush seats and equipped with cutting-edge sound, light, and projection systems. As an extension, we also proudly present our Studio Theatre, offering a cozy ambiance for intimate performances and enriching workshops, complete with well-appointed green rooms. From formal Form Evenings to engaging guest speaker interactions, our auditorium hosts a variety of events, complemented by an inviting art gallery in the foyer showcasing the boundless creativity of our students.


At the heart of SBS lie our vibrant libraries, tailored for Primary, Junior, and Senior school students. Adjoined by beloved storytelling areas, these spacious, colorful spaces foster a love for reading and exploration. With dedicated librarians and engaging activities, our libraries promote curiosity and deep learning. The SBS Senior & Middle School Library, spanning three floors, embodies a welcoming environment, inspiring curiosity, exploration, and a profound passion for learning.

IT Labs

State-of-the-art IT infrastructure includes 7 computer labs, faculty laptops, tablet carts, and high-speed LAN/Wi-Fi. A dedicated 24×7 data center with 6 servers provides seamless ERP services to staff, students, and parents, ensuring smooth operations.

Science and Mathematics Lab

Junior School has an integrated Science lab while there are seven Science laboratories across the senior school, with one of them being an integrated laboratory for middle school. Apart from these there is also a Mathematics Lab equipped with several materials and models to make Mathematics a positive and enjoyable experience for the students.

Robotics Lab

A dedicated robotics lab to spark innovation and equip students with future-ready skills.

Home Science Lab

Our Home Science Lab is a fully equipped space designed for hands-on exploration in a variety of subjects including foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, resource management, human development, and extension education

Cricket Pitch

Within our expansive playground area, a dedicated spot is reserved for our cricket pitch, where students gather to participate in the beloved sport, honing their batting and bowling skills.

Basketball & Badminton Court

Explore our dedicated basketball and badminton area, uniquely designed to accommodate players and spectators alike. This multifunctional space ensures an immersive sporting experience for all, combining athleticism with community engagement.

Jungle Gym

Tailored for younger students, jungle gym creates a delightful and interactive space, facilitating the development of gross motor skills, balance, and coordination through enjoyable play activities.

All-weather Swimming Pool

Our half-Olympic-sized, all-weather swimming pool offers a premier aquatic experience for students. With its versatile design and resilience to varying weather conditions, it provides an ideal space for swimming and water-based activities year-round.

Lawn Tennis Court

Discover our newly built Lawn Tennis Court, nestled within the scenic terrace area, providing students with a modern and inviting space to practice and play the beloved sport

Dining spaces

The SBS community thrives on shared experiences, bonding over meals in our communal breakfast and lunch areas. With separate dining spaces tailored to each school section, including two halls in the junior school and a sprawling 1200 sq. meter area in the senior school, our main kitchens ensure high-quality meals for 2800 students and staff. Committed to health and well-being, we provide nutritious vegetarian meals daily, without canteen offerings of junk food or aerated drinks.


Classrooms are meticulously designed to exude warmth and spaciousness, furnished with air purifiers to ensure an optimal learning environment. Within the Primary and Junior classrooms, students discover a multitude of learning and recreational spaces, such as class libraries, toy corners, and creative stations for art and clay activities. Cutting-edge projectors and interactive smart boards are seamlessly integrated across the school, enriching the educational experience through technological innovation.

Music Production Studio

 A dynamic platform for musical expression, podcasting, and creative exploration, providing students with the space to unleash their artistic talents and innovative ideas.


Our well-appointed infirmary, overseen by qualified professionals, prioritizes the health and well-being of students, offering timely and expert medical care whenever necessary

Occupational and Speech Therapy Room

Our Occupational and Speech Therapy Rooms, integral to our campus, provide tailored support by trained professionals to students with diverse needs. These specialized spaces foster overall well-being and academic success through personalized therapy sessions, enhancing the inclusive and supportive environment of our school community.

Music and Dance Rooms

At SBS, we instill a lifelong love of music, with students aspiring to join the school orchestra and mastering various instruments like tabla, keyboard, guitar, sitar, flute, and drums. Dance, drama, and music are core components of our curriculum, reflected in our vibrant dance rooms resonating with folk, jazz, Kathak, and Bharatanatyam rhythms, fostering creative expression and cultural appreciation.

Mont Lab

Grounded in Maria Montessori’s philosophy and dedicated to nurturing academic skills, the Mont Lab is tailored for our younger learners. Here, children embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, engaging in hands-on activities that cultivate a deep love for learning in alignment with the Montessori approach.

Art Spaces

Dedicated art spaces across the school showcase children’s work, creating an environment buzzing with creativity. From primary to senior levels, fluid spaces connect areas for painting, textiles, ceramics, carpentry, and crafts, with a special area for exhibitions.