Strengthening Communities Through Collaboration

At SBS, parental engagement is pivotal as parents are valued stakeholders in our community. Collaborating with parents shapes holistic student development and academic success, fostering a positive school culture across all levels. Through our Parent School Association, workshops, and forums, we ensure active participation, seeking parental insights to shape our practices and policies. Our workshops cover diverse topics such as career counselling, early childhood development, adolescent behaviour management, substance abuse awareness, and child safety measures. This collaborative partnership between educators and parents ensures the holistic development of our students and the seamless functioning of our school. We recognise the vital role parents play in their children’s development as learners, and their participation helps shape and enhance the practices and policies of our school. With our commitment to an inclusive ecosystem, parents are as much a part of our community as our teachers.

Scheduled conferences offer a structured platform for discussing a student’s progress, strengths, and areas for improvement, facilitating open communication and active parental involvement in their child’s educational journey. We invite parents to participate in these meetings, providing dedicated time for one-on-one discussions with teachers. It is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into your child’s academic journey, set goals, address concerns, and celebrate achievements collaboratively. These meetings ensure continuous engagement between parents and teachers, fostering a supportive environment for student success.”

At SBS, we firmly believe in the partnership between home and school in a child’s education. Through our workshops and conferences, we aim to foster an open, collaborative, and supportive environment where parents feel empowered to actively contribute to their child’s success. From understanding curriculum goals in subjects like Math and English to effective communication strategies, these sessions strengthen the parent’s role as a crucial influencer in their child’s academic success. In navigating the digital age, workshops led by Cyber Risk Advisors cover online safety, digital citizenship, and utilising technology for learning. Additionally, workshops focusing on emotional well-being offer strategies to nurture resilience and create a positive home environment.

We recognise the vital role of parent involvement in fostering a strong school community. To ensure a structured and representative connection, we have established the Parent School Association (PSA). This body comprises elected representatives, including 20 class representatives each from the Primary and Junior levels, 15 from the Middle level, 24 from the Senior level, and 4 from the Special Education Programme. Through this system, we aim to bridge the gap between the parents and the school, fostering a collaborative partnership for the holistic development of our students.

In our efforts to strengthen the connection between the home and school, we encourage parents to participate in our walk-ins, held regularly. These sessions offer insights into the school curriculum, teaching methodologies, and ongoing activities. Additionally, we host academic workshops and seminars to equip parents with effective learning strategies, homework assistance techniques, and methods to foster a conducive learning environment at home. This shared understanding empowers parents to enhance and support their child’s educational journey beyond the classroom, reinforcing learning experiences at home.

We deeply value parent involvement and recognise the vital role they play in our school community. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in various capacities, including serving as exam scribes for our Special Education programme, assisting with bus duties every Friday, and contributing to the organisation of school events. Whether it is lending a hand during classroom activities, supporting extracurricular programmes, or supporting in Form mornings/evenings, every contribution strengthens the bond between the home and the school. Together, we create a nurturing environment where students thrive, and parent engagement is a cornerstone of our success.

Together, parents and children wander through school exhibitions

Parents actively participating in workshop classes

Parents actively involved through the Parent School Association

Supporting our kids with love and enthusiasm

A space for shared experiences and insights

Parents and kids share the excitement of Sports Day




We were very happy and content when our son joined Step by Step School 5 years ago. The teachers and all other staff members are very cooperative and affectionate. Children at the school are given a lot of opportunities to learn. Teachers and parents work as a team. Teachers have been guiding us consistently and keeping us aware of various things.
Our son thoroughly enjoys and loves going to school, which is a testament to how enriching the schooling experience is.

Ms. Nandna and Mr. Paritosh (Parents)