Nurturing Leaders Of Tomorrow

SBS is dedicated to preparing students to serve a fair, ethical, and just society in India, emphasising the development of leadership skills and personal capacity. We believe in providing a holistic educational experience that prepares students for the rapidly changing, complex, and ambiguous world they will encounter beyond the school gates. SBS offers a rich array of leadership opportunities through student-led bodies such as Student Council, Student Parliament, and student-led initiatives like Chess Club, Literary Club, and the Technology Club, which actively instill leadership qualities and empower students to excel in roles such as prefects, fostering confident and resilient leaders for the future. Leadership opportunities are also extended through memberships in the organising committees to lead various events across the school.

Junior School plays a pivotal role in instilling leadership qualities in children and preparing them for active roles within the student council. Through various activities, such as group projects, team sports, and collaborative initiatives, we foster communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, and teamwork, which are fundamental to effective leadership.

Additionally, the prefect roles in grade 5 empower our students to take on responsibilities and serve as role models within the school community. These positions enable students to learn essential leadership skills such as decision-making, effective communication, and conflict resolution. They gain firsthand experience in managing tasks, organising events, and fostering a positive school environment. By actively engaging in prefect duties, students not only contribute to the smooth functioning of their environment but also develop the confidence and resilience needed to excel in leadership roles both within and beyond the academic setting. By nurturing leadership attributes from an early age, we empower our children to become confident, empathetic, and proactive leaders in their future endeavours.

Middle School student’s experience is enriched by the presence of the Student Parliament, a diverse group of student leaders selected through a blend of nomination and selection processes. This body provides a platform for students to express their opinions, contribute ideas, and engage in decision-making concerning various aspects of school life, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership. Committees within the Student Parliament address specific areas such as food, uniforms, events, newsletters, and magazines, encouraging students to align their roles with their interests and skills. Academic collaboration between the Student Parliament and school staff ensures student input on curriculum and teaching methods, fostering a partnership where student voices are valued in decision-making. Through this democratic structure, students learn essential life skills such as task management, collaboration, and teamwork, preparing them for future leadership roles. Beyond governance, the Student Parliament embodies the school community in action, teaching students the importance of initiative, collective work, and understanding diverse perspectives, thus laying a foundation for responsible citizenship and active participation in society.

The Student Council at SBS comprises representatives from Senior School, nominated and elected by their peers. It aims to encourage active participation in school life among students, develop leadership, and personal organisation skills, and instil values such as responsibility, care, consideration for others, and a sense of school spirit. Additionally, it seeks to involve students in decision-making and planning for school activities, raise awareness about diversity, and promote community engagement. The council includes positions such as School President, Vice President, House Captains, Vice Captains, Sports Captain, Vice Sports Captain, and Coordinators for various areas such as Seva and cultural activities. Members of the council have responsibilities including serving as role models to uphold the school ethos, monitoring discipline during school breaks and events, generating ideas and initiating activities, attending all council meetings, providing leadership to their respective houses, and promoting good discipline and sportsmanship among students.