Joy Through Selfless Service

At the core of our school philosophy lies Seva.The Sanskrit word ‘Seva’ is a beautiful word that comes from the root words ‘sah’ and ‘eva’ meaning ‘together with.’ It conveys the act of ‘selfless service for the other.’ Whatever it is that one does for the benefit of others, without expecting anything in return is ‘Seva’.

A seed sprouts and grows with the help of soil, water, and sun. Everything in nature is in service to one another through symbiosis. This is a natural and harmonious function of creation – to work together without expectation for reward. The sun doesn’t dwell on how powerful it is for giving life to the Earth. It consistently plays its role without question and illuminates. Through Seva, we humans can also learn to work together with one another just as the synergy in the seed, soil, and sun and the connection between flowers, honey bees, and the food we eat – selflessly and joyfully !

Seva In Everyday Life

Seva In Everyday Life

At SBS, every student humbly engages in small acts of service and kindness throughout their day. Children thoughtfully create birthday cards and 'happiness boxes' for our respected didis and bhaiyas. They diligently clean their classrooms at the end of each day, in respect for their learning environment. Additionally, they craft 'rakhis' for our brave soldiers stationed at the border, in gratitude for their service. SBS students also initiate donation drives for books, stationary, clothes and bake sales.

Seva For All

Seva For All

The programme seamlessly integrates service learning into the academic curriculum, offering all students opportunities for meaningful engagement during school hours. Through a diverse range of activities such as recycling initiatives, community gardening and art expression, students experience compassion and connection and cultivate awareness. Initiatives such as digital literacy awareness and financial literacy classes are regularly driven for those in need.

Outreach Programmes

Outreach Programmes

SBS outreach programmes are geared to provide students an immersive, intensive and hands-on experience with meaningful engagement with the communities.

SBS Sahyog began as our students' response to the devastating floods in Uttarakhand in June 2013. They initiated a series of measures to raise funds to support the local people through projects related to livelihoods, education, sanitation and health in two villages of Uttarakhand.

Our students also work with children of local government schools and NGOs providing them with an opportunity to learn music, craft, sports and other activities . In addition, groups of students engage with members of the neurodivergent and transgender communities to support social skill enhancement.

Parent Seva

Parent Seva

We deeply value parent involvement and recognise the vital role they play in our school community. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in various capacities, including serving as exam scribes for our Special Education Programme, assisting with bus duties every Friday, and helping with the organisation of school events. Whether it’s lending a hand during classroom activities, supporting extracurricular programme, or supporting in Form mornings/evenings, every contribution strengthens the bond between home and school.

A collage of happiness and helping hands

Behind the scenes in cafe kitchen

Moments of kindness

Students mentoring the young painters

Colouring hope and spreading joy

Students making a difference, aiding rural education

Students supporting Sahyog's Dairy Initiative



“Over the last year, I have been given the opportunity to lead the Seva team and have hence been able to oversee all new projects that have been taken on by the Seva team very closely. We have worked together as a team to identify core issues within the community and have tried our best to address each of them to our maximum capacity. All new projects have opened up new ways of thinking for all of us and are better aligned with our preferred areas of interest. The experience has been extremely fulfilling and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I would hope that even in the years to follow, the Seva Programme at SBS continues to address relevant issues and sensitise the students to each of them.”

Ms. Sudha Aggarwal (Student)

“We are full of gratitude towards the SBS Seva programme, which provided us with the unique opportunity to learn and understand the resilient journeys of exemplary transgender youth who have triumphed over challenges and demonstrated unwavering perseverance. We also appreciate the commendable work being done by the Keshav Suri Foundation and the positive influence that it exerts on the broader community. We look forward to more such transformative interactions, hope more parents will participate, and we look forward to more proactive actions in SBS to make our own children comfortable and supported in school.”

Mr. Nicole Menezes (Parent)