Our Approach to Physical Education

The SBS physical education programme is a unique combination of the best elements of fitness-based physical education, competitive sports training, and research-based youth development strategies. It is a way of life at SBS, transcending routine to become a dynamic language that merges motor skills, strategic thinking, and a commitment to lifelong well-being. Designed to make wellness an integral part of students’ lives, this programme instils discipline, fosters teamwork, and promotes active living.

SBS Students Soaring High

Noteworthy Achievements

Winners of 1st Ramesh Suri Memorial Football
Tournament U-19 Girls (2023-24)
Winners of 10th Ali Asghar Memorial Football
Tournament U-19 Girls (2023)
Winners of CBSE Zonal Tennis Championship (2022-23) Team SBS participated at the Asian Open Aquatic
Swimming Championship held in Bangkok (2024)
Winners of District Swimming Champions (2023-24)
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    Progressive and Participative Curriculum

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    Our Sports Offerings and Infrastructure

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    SBS Teams

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    Building Leadership Capacity

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    Parent Engagement

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    Fitness for All

Racing towards joy and glory

Celebrating the spirit of the game

Teamwork to achieve common objectives

Raising the bar a notch higher

Strategic thinking and decision making



Looking back at the time when Anav joined school it is hard to believe how much time has passed, how long our path has been and how many have supported us in this journey – SBS has been our ‘Rock of Gibralter’

Ms. Latika Sonia Pinto (Parent)