Building Character and Fostering Resilience

The outbound adventures programme at SBS embodies a comprehensive educational approach, placing a strong emphasis on outdoor exploration, team-building initiatives, and experiential growth. Through a meticulously designed curriculum, students participate in outdoor expeditions, immersing themselves in real-life challenges that nurture both physical and mental development. Team-building activities cultivate collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities within a supportive and non-competitive setting. The success of this programme is reflected in strengthened bonds, disciplined participation, and cherished memories.

Knot-tying activity at Naukuchiatal trip


Students painting a brighter tomorrow for another school


Exploring the wilderness of Jim Corbett


Students collaborating in a raft-building activity


In Jaipur's wildlife sanctuary, students meet gentle giants


Little adventurers discovering the world outside


Experiencing the thrill of ziplining in scenic Rishikesh


Grade 1 students meeting their farm buddy at Beejom farm


Representing the school in an inter-school competition


Connecting classroom concepts to real-life during field trip