Our Approach to Junior School Learning

SBS junior school provides each child with the chance to discover their strengths and learn within a caring, stimulating, and supportive environment. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary, providing each child with a stage to explore, learn and thrive. In an environment meticulously crafted for growth, our learner-centric approach, dynamic classrooms, and challenging hands-on curriculum converge to shape resilient minds and foster creativity.

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    Experiential Learning

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    Learner-Centric Experiences

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    Inquiry-Based Learning

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    Socio-Emotional Ethical Learning

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    Collaborative Learning

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    Co-Curricular Diversity

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    Empowerment for Responsible Decision-Making

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    Seva Activities

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    Visual and Performing Arts

In the classroom, mentors inspire and learners flourish

Fostering respect & empathy with Circle Time

In the morning assembly, we unite as one.

Eyes wide with wonder, a child dives into stories

Where learning gets groovy in movement classes.



What I like most about our school SBS is that they have a good balance between academics and varied extra-curricular activities – producing well- rounded children !
There is also a strong supportive relationship among students, parents and faculty which fosters a sense of belonging for all !

Ms. Sameena Talwar (Parent)

I have two children in Step By Step’s Junior school, and I’m impressed by the diverse subjects and activities offered. They introduce instruments like violin, sitar, and flute, fostering a well-rounded skill set. The school emphasizes social development through collaboration and teamwork, nurturing strong interpersonal relationships. They prioritize students’ physical and mental well-being with well rounded , PE programs, and counselling services. Community service initiatives instill compassion and social responsibility in students.

Ms. Revathy Chandrashekaran (Parent)

I feel incredibly blessed that my daughter attends Step By Step School in Noida. The school’s holistic approach to child development is very good , focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. The accessibility of teachers and management has been a tremendous support, especially for a first-time parent like me. The teachers are deeply involved, understanding each child’s strengths and weaknesses, nurturing their growth accordingly. Step by Step School values each child’s importance and ensures they feel valued and supported throughout their journey. It’s a beautiful environment where children can truly flourish. I’m grateful for my daughter’s association with this institution, and I cannot thank the school, teachers, and management enough.

Ms. Gayatri Ajmani (Parent)